Auditioning is a skill

Save yourself time, money and lost opportunities by learning the required skills to succeed

As students, we train for around ten years with absolute devotion to our craft towards the dream and goal of becoming successful dancers. Still, if we don't approach auditions correctly, the auditioning process could crush our dreams. 

I know how hard it is; I auditioned over 30 times over two years all over Europe, and repeatedly, I had to pick myself up after every rejection and go on. 

My Auditions course is unique because there is nothing like it out there. 

There is so much stress and worry before and during the audition process that it can seriously affect one's performance and lead to missing out on an opportunity.

There is no time for mistakes today. 

Auditioning can make or break someone's future. 

That's why I poured my heart into helping Dancers learn how to navigate auditions physically, mentally, and emotionally so that YOU can have a higher chance of landing a job. 

I aim to ensure that my clients avoid making the same mistakes I did. 

In today's work, auditioning is more complex than ever, and this is why, in this course, you will dive into Personal Growth to ensure you present yourself confidently and focused on your dancing. 

 Of course, I have a whole module where you get all the practical Tips and Tricks, like how to do a great CV, including pictures & footage. 

There are many nuances that I include for you to have an edge over the crowd. 

All modules come with a workbook and have exercises and recommendations to help you build a strong mindset and a better routine.

The great thing is that the principles I share will add so much value to your future as a ballet dancer. 

The lessons learned and practised will make you feel confident and in charge of your life and future. There is no feeling like trust in yourself and your abilities. 

My course combines proven NLP, Sports Psychology, and neuroscience tools and materials with practical methods based on experience in auditioning and being a professional for 15 years. 

Naira Agvanean

High Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and Professional Ballet Dancer

My name is Naira Agvanean, and I am a Soloist with the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. As I powered through my ballet education, auditions and professional career, I realized more and more the struggles, and I saw I was not alone; I then started to look for a more sustainable approach to dancing and life in general, so diving into Personal Growth and Coaching changed my career trajectory and life forever. Now, I approach my professional and personal demands with confidence, resilience, and curiosity. That's why I poured my heart into the Auditions course so that you can learn from my experience and you can learn in a course the lessons that took me years to earn. Throughout my course, you will learn that although auditions are challenging, they can also be a fun learning experience. I am a professional certified iPEC coach (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), which is an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program that demonstrates the highest standards of professional competencies, and I'm also a certified NLP practitioner. Transformation takes effort and time; I have been through the process myself so I am to help my clients achieve it faster and better than I did. I support and challenge my clients to achieve long-lasting results while being true to themselves. My life motto says it all: "Energy attracts like energy."

Course curriculum

    1. Course Instructions - Auditions - The Secrets to Success

    1. AUDITIONS - Secrets to Success - The workbook

    2. Course Intro

    3. Naira Agvanean Introduction

    4. Course Content Overview

    5. Kickoff Exercise

    1. Mental Preparation Introduction

    2. Mental Preparation - Module Content Overview

    3. Mental Preparation - Define Goals

    4. Goal Definition Tool - ABC

    5. Mental Preparation - Do your Research

    6. Mental Preparation - Visualization

    7. How to practice Visualization?

    8. Mental Preparation - The 3 C's - Clarity

    9. Quick learning Skills

    10. Mental Preparation - The 3 C's - Confidence

    11. How to build confidence?

    12. Mental Preparation - The 3 C's - Consistency

    13. Mental Preparation - The 3 C's - Conclusion

    14. Mental Preparation - Module Conclusion

    15. Confidence Meditation

    1. Physical Preparation Introduction

    2. Physical Preparation - Sleep and Rest

    3. Physical Preparation - Nutrition

    4. My Favourite Recipes

    1. Emotional Preparation Introduction

    2. Emotional Preparation - Get Excited

    3. Emotional Preparation - Breath

    4. Emotional Preparation - Self-love

    5. Emotional Preparation - Rejection and Acceptance

    6. Emotional Preparation - Comparison

    7. Stress reduction Meditation

About this course

  • €397,00
  • 55 lessons

Value Overview

By purchasing this course, you will have access to all this fantastic material built with experience gathered in over 20 years, plus the interviews with Ted Brandsen, who brings over 40 years of expertise and Anna Ol, who brings over 20 years. So this course is truly packed with value.

  • Interview with Ted Brandsen. Ted has been the Artistic Director of the Dutch National Ballet since 2003, and his leadership ushered in a new heyday for the company, which now ranks among the top ballet companies worldwide.

  • Bonus interview with Anna Ol, Principal Dancer with the Dutch National Ballet. Anna joined the Dutch National Ballet as a principal in 2015. She has danced with various companies, including the State Opera of Tatarstan, the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Dantshenko Academic Music Theatre in Moscow.

  • 8 easy-to-follow video modules specially designed to give you all the required skills to nail your auditions.

  • Exercises and tools are specially designed to help you implement all the principles covered within the course.

  • A beautifully designed PDF course workbook for you to download, print, and use to take all your notes.

  • 1 stress-regulating audio meditation designed and recorded by me. This meditation was designed using Coaching and NLP principles to help you genuinely achieve stress reduction.

  • 1 specially designed confidence-boosting audio meditation created and narrated by me and created with the purpose of boosting your confidence and putting you in the absolute best mental state.

  • A professional CV template that includes guidelines for pictures and footage. Also, it includes a copy of my personal CV for you to take a look at.

  • 6 month membership to my monthly Dancer's Mastermind, in which we will meet to discuss any relevant topics regarding auditions and dancing in general.

  • Lifetime access to the course, including any future updates.

Achieve your potential, start today

Key Takeaways

Once you finish this course, you will:

  • Gain Awareness

    Gain awareness of your struggles and how to tackle them

  • Design an Action Plan

    Design an action plan with clear steps to land a job

  • Gain Confidence

    Show up confidently in your dancing

  • Learn to Manage Auditions

    Learn how to approach them and how to self-evaluate

  • Learn to Manage Stress

    Learn how to manage stressful situations to ensure you always do your best

  • Gain Improved Communication Skills

    Learn how to improve your communication skills to achieve clarity

  • Improve your Decision Making

    Learn how to make better decisions towards a better future

  • Be Here Now

    Learn to be more present and focused at your auditions and in your dancing

  • Greatly Increased your Chances

    Greatly increase your changes to get that job you are after

Don't waste Time, Money and Opportunities!

Learn the skills required to truly show your absolute best